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Theme Autminds 2016: “Visibility”

This year Autminds 2016 is focusing on Visibility.

Visibility and invisibility are important themes in regards to the emancipation of people with autism. During Autminds 2016 we would like to explore and study the theme in depth.

What comes to mind when you think of this subject:

  • Your autism’s (in)visibility (others do not recognise your stumbling blocks; outwardly it is not obvious);
  • The (in)visibility of certain groups of people with autism (women, LGBT, ethnic minorities);
  • The (in)visibility of autism-related organisations;
  • The (in)visibility of autism in our society;
  • Scientific insights and thoughts which are helpful to brainstorm on this subject.

If you prefer to contribute to this year’s edition of Autminds, we are eagerly anticipating your proposal.

Autminds organisation is looking for proposals to highlight “(In)visibility” from different points of view: the individual, groups, organisations, society and science.

Here you can read more elaborately what the subject contains.


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