a voice, online

make count
1) sound produced by human beings
2) an instrument or medium of expression
3) wish, choice or opinion openly or formally expressed
4) the right of expression

(bron: Merrian-Webster UK)

All those possibilities. As individuals, but certainly also as a group.
This year’s theme was chosen to inspire people to look beyond autism as a personal experience. To investigate autism from within the group, with and next to the individual. You can think of what connects us, what we find important and what our wishes are. With the follow-up questions: How do we want to be presented and what challenges do we face; in the short and long term?
Furthermore, we can’t deny the actuality, that Covid-10 has changed the way we meet and communicatie with people. Many people have become dependent on online communication. Undoubtedly you will have gathered new insights, experiences, knowledge and working practices that are important enough to share now.
We invite everyone to make proposals from all possible angles and in of all types. We also hope for activities that are creative, engaging and relaxing in nature. We specifically also invite short videos (5-10 minutes)
Proposals that fit within the theme will be given priority. The same goes for contributions with a scientific character (own work or dealing with other people’s work). We also hope to receive proposals that connect Autminds participants.