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115 People present at Autminds 2016

New at Autminds: a Starters Group can help you

New at Autminds or looking for an easy (easier) way to meet new people?

Will you be visiting by yourself and you know someone?

Register for a Starters Group. It is an easy way to make you feel welcome at Autminds. A Starters Group exists of 4-6 people which allows you to join forces. At the start of the day you will be introduced to eachother. This concept helps you to get to know a couple of people. Then you can discuss what your plans are and how, where and when you will meet up during the day. For example, you can meet up at lunchtime.

When you have registered for a Starters Group you are not stuck with your group. You attend the sessions of your own choice (you are not obliged to attend the sessions of your group). It is interesting to meet new people. Participating in a Starters Group will prove more accessible to get to know new people.

Would you like this? Send an email to register for a Starters Group to inschrijven@autminds.nl.



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