We recognise 2 types of contributions:

1. Educational or content-based contributions.
2. Recreational contributions.

Ad 1) Content-based contributions come in two levels:

  • Foundation
  • In-Depth

1. Educational or content-based contributions

Educational or content-based contributions are about a specific topic.
Read here for the topics we are interested in

The main purpose of a content-based contribution is to transfer knowledge to the audience and/or to inform the participants.

1.1 At what level should my contribution be?

Any level is possible as we want to serve a broad as possible audience. We do however want to visitors what level they can expect. Therefore we have defined two levels: foundation and in-depth. You as a presenterare should indicate the level. In case you are not certain about the level of your contribution, if it is midway we still ask you to select a level and adapt your contribution to that level. Foundation contributions should be ready to follow for everybody. When you opt for an in-depth contribution, we ask you to assure it also contains principles or theories that you explain.

1.1.1 Foundation contributions

A content-based contribution at entrance or beginners level.
Does not require prior knowledge and therefore has a lower treshold than the in-depth contribution.

An open discussion around the theme: “Do you consider yourself autistic or having autism?”
Explaining the concept and principles of Recovery

1.1.2 In-depth contributions

An content-based contribution at advanced level. These contributions are more at a theoretical of academic level.

Discussing a theory or a concept;
Presentation on scientific research;
Continuation on Recovery (for those that already know the concept)

2. Recreational contributions

The main objective of recreational contributions is to meet other people with autism, to have a joint activity, relaxation or (relaxation by) exercise.

Examples are:
A Yoga workshop;
Being creative, art-based methods;
Making music together;
Singing together;
Take a walk with a group;
Conversation in a group.