Slightly different

slighlty differing boxes with examples

Theme 2021

Everyone does it from time to time: comparing something or someone with what you know and then categorizing it. Using boxes makes it easier to understand when viewed from the outside. But what if you fall slightly outside the box? What if you are just that little bit different? In which areas do we experience something slighlty different, are we slightly different, do we deal with it slightly differently, with slightly different consequences?

Slightly different offers a different way of looking at ourselves and our environment, and of telling others where boxes hinder and help.

The theme and the examples are meant to inspire speakers and to promote a degree of coherence in the programme. The theme is not meant to limit you, so feel free to be creative with it. We invite everyone to submit proposals from all possible angles and in all forms. We also hope for activities that are creative, engaging and relaxing in nature. Contributions of an academic nature (own work or dealing with other people’s work) will be given priority. We also hope to receive proposals that will connect the participants of Autminds with each other.

Call for proposals

Do you have autism? Would you like to contribute with a presentation, workshop or other activity within Autminds’ objectives?

Autminds 2021 will be held online on October 9th-10th in The Netherlands.

This years theme is “slightly different…” . You can download a description of the theme.

The deadline for submitting your proposal is June 14th 2021

Proposals should be submitted using the submission-form.

English information on the conference is given in the downloads, more will become available in due course. Meanwhile do not hesitate to email us.

Hope to see you (presenting)

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