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A ticket for Autminds 2016 costs € 37,50 for people with (or assumed) autism (first option) and € 50,– for people without autism (second option) (prices excl exchange and service charges). Autminds is primarily aimed to people with (suspected) autism. A limited number of tickets are available to those outside our target group. Exchange and service charges are about € 2,00 – € 2,50. Precise costs depend on method of payment.

Additional option: friend’s ticket

This year we offer an extra option to support Autminds with a donation of € 10,– (third option). This friend’s ticket contributes to Autminds’ continuity. We do our utmost to keep Autminds as cheap as possible as to include everyone in our target group. We believe that people with more financial resources could contribute an extra to support our policy and continuity. By means of this ticket you support Autminds with an extra amount of € 10.

The Friend’s ticket is an extra ticket you could buy on top of your regular admission ticket.

In case you only purchase a friend’s ticket (without admission ticket) you do NOT have access to Autminds. You do support our initiative with a donation.

Reservation procedure

Ticket sales and purchase are handled by TicketJames.

You can pay by using Ideal, Paypal or Visa/Mastercard.

After completion of purchase you can download your digital admission ticket. You receive a confirmation mail and a link to download your ticket. You are required to print out your ticket and bring it with you to Autminds.

In case you do not receive the confirmation mail, please do contact us.

During registration you will be asked for your name, address, telephone number and mail address. This is necessary to complete your registration and verification of your bank details.

Autminds obviously handles your data with great care.

Your first and family name are necessary to create your Autminds badge. If, for any reason, you prefer another name on your badge, please send an email to inschrijven@autminds.nl.

Your mail address is used to provide you with possible additional information about Autminds.

When you purchase a ticket for Autminds, you are automatically registered for our Newsletter, which provides updates on important information in regards to Autminds.

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