There will be three sessions going on at the same time.


Speaker Title Form Language Basic/Advanced
Cor Jongejeugd en Henk-Jan Raaijmakers Autism Embassy at large employers & companies Lecture NL Basic
Damian Milton What does an inclusive community space for autistic people involve? Lecture EN Advanced
Diederik Weve Images about autism Workshop NL Basic
Gijs Horvers Autism and Art Lecture NL Basic
Hannah Ebben Metaphors for autism in movies and (auto)biographies – an opportunity for a new language? Lecture NL Advanced
Helmer van Weelderen Neurodiversity Lecture NL Advanced
Jeroen van Eijk Recovery oriented care Lecture NL Advanced
Jose Spruyt Working with autism – autism jobs and job crafting Workshop NL Advanced
Marc Beek Autism Experience Walk Workshop NL Basic
Martijn Dekker The start of “autistic space” Lecture NL Advanced
Melanie Oldenhave A screw loose Workshop NL Basic
Monique Post en Jonathan Hanna Autism, development and emancipation Lecture EN Advanced
Petra Wermink-Vos Autism and entrepreneurship Workshop NL Basic
Rianne Jansen Stress reduction through mindfulness Workshop NL Basic
Sonja Autism in other cultures. Anthropological view to “being different”. Lecture NL Advanced


What is the difference between basic and advanced?

A subject has been allocated to advanced if:
the language is English; or
if an explanation is required on a specific theory or concepts (for example “recovery” or “job crafting”); or
the subject is part of a broader view (contextualisation). You will obtain a description of the subject including a broader outlook. Links will be to other people’s work on the same subject. The speaker will show where his/her contribution lies within the range of specialisation.

In other words, these contributions are characterized by their:

  • Transcendent nature
  • Contextualisation
  • Academic nature

English contributions will be automatically allocated to advanced as not everyone is fluent in this language.

It’s good to know that these subjects are not necessarily more difficult. Most speakers will make it clear what they want to say to people on every level. Concepts and difficult words will be explained. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask.