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Project Planning – the yearly calendar

We organise each Autminds as a project and involve autistic participants in every project phase. You stay informed of the different phases by regularly checking the website or by registering for the newsletter (in Dutch, see bottom of the page).

Forming a Project Team

October – January

The project team is active throughout the preparation up-to and including the (financial) settlement. The team is made up of new volunteers who sign up and volunteers who were active with a previous Autminds.

Call for Themes

January – March

With a call for theme proposals, we collect ideas for the Autminds theme. Anyone can submit proposals and explain their proposal. We discuss all proposals in the project team and make a choice.

Important criteria for a successful theme are:

  • enough topics can be combined under the theme
  • different perspectives will be possible (eg scientific, practical, theoretical)

Call for Proposals

March – June

The chosen theme is described and explained in a “Call-for-proposals”. Anyone can submit a proposal for an activity that they think falls within the theme. The activity does not have to be a lecture, but can also be a workshop, discussion, exercise class, …. We have room for around 15 proposals.

The project team makes a choice from the proposals

Programme published

Online ticket sales

July – October

As soon as the contributions have been chosen, the program will be announced and ticket sales will start.

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