in relation to…

“A relation (also known as relationship) is the connection or interaction between usually two or more persons, concepts, phenomena or things.”

(bron: Wikipedia NL)

Relationships exist in many different forms. Every day we have a form of interaction with a group, person, object and ourselves. Our feelings, thoughts and actions are not isolated but form in relation to …. Even without any recognizable action we influence or are influenced. Conscious and unconscious, desirable and undesirable.

in relation to…

Even the concept of autism exists only in relations, it has relations on its’ own. Relationships in different areas, with different influences back and forth, in different manners. The person with autism is only one of the multiple parties in that relationship, and possibly not even the most important party. If we want to know more about autism, we need to learn about the relationships in which autism exists.

in relation to…

In addition, a person with autism also has personal relationships, subject to the influence of autism itself. We can also speak about: autism in relation to … relationships! Entering, maintaining or breaking a relationship. With friends, partners, children and colleagues. The effects, pleasure or magic of a relationship.

in relation to…

A broad theme has been chosen with the intent to inspire people to look beyond the autism itself. It allows us to investigate autism from all possible angles, namely all its relationships and all its interactions. We are looking for diversity. Examples of perspectives and examples of topics that fit into this theme are:

• in relation to … others (friends, partner, family, children, work)
• in relation to … different cultures and (minority) groups
• in relation to … yourself, your sensations and experiences (spiritual and physical)
• in relation to … social constructs (medical, legislation, society)
• in relation to … school, going out, sports, hobbies, fellow autistics, psychiatry, the DSM, thoughts, experiences, history, art, media, pets, independence, happiness, transport, aging, perfectionism, focus, self-realization, compassion, you name it …

We invite everyone to make proposals from all possible angles. Proposals that fit within the theme are given priority. Priority will also be given to contributions with a scientific character (own work or discussing someone else’s work). We also hope to receive proposals for creative, relaxing and physical activities.

Do you have an proposal for a contribution? Read our call-for-proposals page and submit your proposal using our form!