Pietro Cirrincione

Born in 1971 on the autism spectrum in Rome (Italy).
At international level: Autism-Europe Vice-President, EDF (European Disability Forum) Information and Communication Technologies Expert Group member, W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) invited expert in Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AG WG) for WCAG 2.1.
At national level: President and Captain of Autistic Football Club – www.autisticfootball.club, board member of volunteer national and regional organizations of families and people on the autism spectrum (Gruppo Asperger onlus – www.asperger.it www.aspergerlazio.it), athlet in athletism, track and field project for people on the autism spectrum.
Work experience: computer expert.
Education and training: Computer Science Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering Member of an international voluntary human rights organization since 1998 in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Issues in the spectrum of associations representing autism

Relationship among associations led by people on the autism spectrum, associations representing parents and mixed associations is always critical in many countries.
I explain my experience in Italy in my role of autistic person representing people like me inside a mixed association and outside in relationship to a spectrum of autism organizations, in particular in the very hard process of mediation to convince associations representing parents of people on the autism spectrum with intellectual disabilities to abandon medical model, to change paradigm and to use an acceptable language speaking about autism.
A different process is involving me at European level among parents-led organizations and autistic-led organizations, to converge.