Clarification about the program – Autminds 2016

Level: basic or extensive

The presentations/contributions at Autminds are classified as ‘basic’ or ‘ extensive’. This division is created to explain the level of the contribution. More or less, that is, since a clear defined division is hard to make. Moreover the level is labelled by the speaker on how they assess their contribution. This can differ from your view on the topic.

The aim of the division between basic and extensive is to provide you a lead in deciding what sessions you would like to attend.

Basic: easy to follow. Language: Dutch

Extensive: more in depth. Language: Dutch or English. More details for theory or studies.


Similar presentations

The presentation of Anna van der Miesen about gender dysphoria and AutiRoze’s about autism and LGBT are linked to one another. Both presentations can be attended seperately however they form an integrated whole. Anna van der Miesen talks about her study about gender dysphoria and autism. Followed by experience stories and a conversation with the audience with three experience experts (gay, lesbian and transgender with autism).