Autminds 2016 lecturers announced
Tickets on sale

International lecturers for our second edition of Autminds

Autminds 2016 has, just like last year, some international guests on the program.

We welcome Heta Pukki, from Finland and board member of the Finnish national association for autistic people, Suomen Aspergeryhdistys ry (ASY).

We also welcome the well known blogger Tistje (Sam Peeters) from Belgium. Sam is experience expert at the Flemish Association for Autism, and works together with GRIPvzw, a civil rights organisation for people with disabilities.

Martijn Dekker is a Dutch native however employed in England. He was associated with Autscape till 2015.

Apart from all that we have plenty of Dutch lecturers/contributors on the program. And also welcome to you! It promises to be an interesting program.

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