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Theme Autminds 2016: “Visibility”

First edition Autminds awarded with an 8!

The first edition of Autminds was a huge success as valued by comments of visitors, volunteers and lecturers. On the day the organisation received appraisal on numerous occasions. The evaluation forms show an unanimously positive trend.

In total 48 people have filled out the evaluation form (approx. 70% response rate). The average mark was an eight. About 90% of the visitors were people with autism or presumed. The most important reason for visiting was to gain knowledge and meeting (other) people with autism. This is in line with Autminds’ aims. Autminds is primarily focused on sharing knowledge and offering the opportunity to meet people with (or without) autism. Interest on the lectures varied. Most read comments were the efforts of experience experts, the inclusion of people with autism in society and working or enterprising with autism.

A few quotes from the forms:

“Well organised!”

“Inspiring workshops and a clear program (structural and theme-related)!

“Varied content, always interesting”

“Well organised, good atmosphere”

“A delicious lunch”

Besides all the positive comments we also received a few hints and tips. The most noted was to start a little later on the day. With all suggestions, remarks, etc we will work on these to make next edition even better! Obviously we cannot satisfy each and everyone’s wishes. One wish we would like to commit to is: “Please repeat next year!”


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