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About & Beyond Boundaries

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About & Beyond Boundaries

Boundaries. It sounds like something concrete, maybe even tangible. But how easy is it to actually know where a boundary lies? Most importantly, who decides what a boundary is, and how do you know when you cross it? And what will happen once you do? In reality, it isn’t always easy to describe where a boundary lies. The theme for Autminds this year is about boundaries but also beyond boundaries.

Boundaries play a crucial role in social life, and they give shape to human interaction and norms. And without boundaries, chaos can ensue. However, human interaction is inherently intertwined with personal boundaries. These boundaries are the ones where you can go beyond, physically and mentally, affecting yourself and/or others. Perhaps, for that reason, boundaries are a key subject in many autism-related topics.

A good example is burn-out (burn-aut) which is often caused by going over your boundaries and/or not expressing them correctly. Because how do you know you’ve reached your limit? And how do you continue when you have? It is essential to understand your boundaries in order to self-preserve and gain more control over your life.

Do we really have a greater need for boundaries and clear limits? Or are there areas where autistic people tend to be more flexible than others? Maybe even pushing back boundaries? In some instances, stepping over (personal) boundaries can be beneficial. For example, do you tend to push beyond your limits while others are already satisfied with the result? How do you adjust your boundaries when a goal seems too hard to reach? And can we, as autistic people, help society and science transcend boundaries through our different way of thinking?

Boundaries are everywhere, and even though they can be limiting, they can also offer stability and clarity. Sometimes boundaries can surprise you, and other times they support you. Some boundaries come from the outside world, while other boundaries are governed from within yourself. The theme for Autminds 2022, about & beyond boundaries, is an almost limitless source of inspiration.

call for proposals

The theme and the examples are meant to inspire speakers and to promote a degree of coherence in the programme. The theme is not meant to limit you, so feel free to be creative with it. We invite everyone to submit proposals from all possible angles and in all forms. We also hope for activities that are creative, engaging and relaxing in nature. Contributions of an academic nature (own work or dealing with other people’s work) will be given priority. We also hope to receive proposals that will connect the participants of Autminds with each other.

Do you have autism? Would you like to contribute with a presentation, workshop or other activity within Autminds’ objectives?

Depending on the situation at hand, Autminds 2022 will be 1-dat on site conference on Saturday October 8th in The Netherlands.

This year’s theme is “About & Beyond Boundaries” . We kindly invite you to read the ‘Call for proposals‘. If you are enclined to do so, please submit your entry and observe the time-line:

The deadline for submitting your proposal is at July 20th 2022.

Proposals should be submitted using a special submission-form.

Please download the Word document ‘Submission Form Autminds‘ , fill in all fields, and send  it by email to:
Please understand, we can only consider submission which are completed in full.

English information on the conference is given in the downloads, more will become available in due course. Meanwhile do not hesitate to email

Hope to see you (presenting).

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