You can submit your proposal by emailing a (Word)document.

The submission proposal form for 2022 can be downloaded here

The document should contain at least::

Information on the presenter:


  • Name of the presenter(s) – your true name(s)
  • When desired: your alias, this will be the name used on the on the website.
  • Contact details of presenters (address, phone-number, email address)
    The organisation requires at least one easy way to contact you (email or phone) but preferably multiple.
    This information will not be published without your explicit permission
  • Country (will be published)
  • Website of the presenter – where applicable
  • In case the presenter represents an organisation
    • Name of the organisation(s)
    • Contact information of the organisation
    • Website of the organisation

Biography of the presenter

A short biography that we can publish on the website. A picture is appreciated but not required.

In your biography you could share your education, experiences with the subject of your contribution or earlier presentations

No more than 150 words.

Information on your contribution

  • Title of the contribution
  • Class of contribution: Recreation / Foundation / Deep-Dive
  • Type of interaction, e.g.: discussion, presentation, role-play, …
  • Language: either Dutch or English (other languages cannot be accommodated)
  • The maximum number participants (where applicable)

Summary on the subject

A summary of the content of the contribution in 500 words at most

How does it fit in the theme of this edition of Autminds.

Information for the participants

Where applicable:

  • Should participants bring anything (e.g. musical instrument)?
    Are there requirements for dressing (e.g. comfortable clothing)
  • Required level of knowledge: Is prior knowledge needed to be able to follow your contribution and if so: what? What knowledge do you presume that participants have.

Mail the requested information to: