Which proposals are more likely to be selected? Which less likely?


Proposals that fit this years theme of Autminds. Contributions that explore and elaborate the theme ‘Single-voiced and multiple voices’  have a higher probability of being elected.

The topic is relevant to participants of Autminds

You know your business. A good presenter/facilitator is someone who is familiar with the subject and can answer many qestions. On Autminds we explicitly want to give an opportunity to novice presenters. You don’t need experience in teaching but it could be an an advantage (especially for yourself). We do ask that you have prepared the topic and the type of contribution.

Anything else we reward?

A new angle.

A proposal that not solely uses the spoken word. Some people with autism may be very strong verbally but then again there are also thise that better process information when not presented verbally, e.g. by image or action. We appreciate when your contribution considers both verbal and non-verbal infromation styles.

We totally dig it when you apply the principles of  Universal Design for Learning.

Less Likely

Topics that are not relevant for:

participants to Autminds;
people with autism in general;
the views on autism;
advocacy and related themes.

Your personal (life)story. We explicitly are seeking contributions with an overarching character. When you seek to share your personal life or discuss your personal experiences without providing a wider (theoretical) context, Autminds is not the place to do so.