Lecturers is a general term which applies to workshop, game, discussion moderators.


  • What differentiates Autminds from other conventions on autism?

Lecturers – general

  • Do I, as a lecturer, have to have autism?
  • What is expected from me as a lecturer?
  • What can I expect from your end?
  • Can I use a pseudonym instead of my real name?


  • I would like to speak on Autminds. What is the procedure?

Call for proposal

  • Why do you work with a call for proposal?
  • What format can I present?
  • What types of formats are possible?
  • What subject do I have to bear in mind?
  • What is the difference between ‘basic’ and ‘advantage’?
  • How do I submit a proposal?
  • How do I write the biography of the lecturer?


  • Which selection criteria are used?
  • Which proposals are more likely to be selected?

Selected lecturers

  • I am selected as a lecturer. Do I require to (seperately) register for the convention?
  • I am lecturers at Autminds. Can I bring someone with me for free?
  • Am I allowed to advertise myself, my company, product or service at Autminds?
  • Do I receive a fee for my contribution?
  • Do I get a refund for my travel expenses?
  • How do I declare my travel expenses?
  • I cannot make it (due to illness for example). What do I need to do?

The presentation (lecture)

  • What is the expected duration of my lecture or workshop?
  • Can I present my lecture or workshop together with someone else?
  • Do you have any tips?
  • Is a participants list available in advance?


  • What facilities are available for lecturers? (beamer, laptop, wifi, etc)


  • Who is first point of contact for lecturers?

Is your question not listed? Please send a mail to sprekers@autminds.nl and we will reply as soon as possible.