information on autminds


Here you will find some information relevant to foreign participants.

Autminds 2022 is a 1-day conference, held at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam ( University of Applied Sciences ). Check-out the video for an impression.

Everything you experience at Autminds started as an idea somewhere and some willingness to make it happen. And all of that not necessarily represented within the same person. Autminds grows yearly, it experiments, it diversifies. It is kind of an organism following the needs of a group. We as organisers just provide the infrastructure. It’s the speakers, the participants and a lot of hands-on volunteering that shape Autminds. Please let us know if you want to  contribute your idea, skills or time.

The main language is Dutch but some of program elements may be in English.

The detailed time-schedule will become available in de time, but it suffices to say that we will have more than 15 programmed elements of 45 minutes each. There is a mix of lectures, workshops, physical exercise and recreation.

All program elements are separated by a 15 min coffee/tea break or lunch. This allows you to change rooms, have a rest and … something to drink.

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